Art and new media

When we discussed things that the syllabus/class seemed to be missing that we would like to see, I think someone mentioned art and new media.

Here's a complaint that contemporary art institutes just aren't keeping up with the times. Instead of using all sorts of technology - video, audio files - at their disposable to give people a slice of what the museum is like, they seem to be stuck on using only images.

I'm wondering if this doesn't show a little resistance on the part of m

Mistaken identity


I mentioned earlier in the week how people are using new media to try to piece together a picture and make sense of the person who committed the killings at VT. Professor F. also mentioned how the media were using FB to find the friends and family of those who were part of VT and pursue them for information.

But did anyone hear about this guy?
Basically, he was mistaken for the killer because he matched up a lot on a lot of the same points (was student at VT, Asian, gun-nut, recently broken up with girlfriend, etc...)
And the whole thing got blown up to massive proportions, mainly due to the fact that the news was able to get around very quickly because of new media. At the time, people were desperate for information about what was going on and they would hear about the supposed killer on forums, blogs, youtube and even the news. And they then rushed to view this guy's blog and point fingers.

beware: blackberry thumb!

I somehow was never able to incorporate this into class discussion (shocking!) . . . the painful 'Blackberry thumb!' I realize my source article might be outdated for our up-to-the-second new media standards (it's from October 2005) but I find this to be hilarious. (Ok, maybe I shouldn't laugh . . . it probably would be painful).

I feel like Blackberry thumb would somehow fit into the Critical Art Ensemble's 'flesh machine;' if the technology (like handheld electronic gadgets) is impeding people's ability to use their thumbs, wouldn't that mean technology is thus sculpting the body? Furthermore, is there some twisted logic in developing something that has to come with a warning label that "heavy thumb use could lead to painful swelling of the sheath around the tendons in the thumb."

online dating safety precautions


While the topic of online dating services is fresh in our minds from today's presentation, I thought you all might like to check out some safety precautions before you leap head first into the online realm of finding your perfect matches . . .

It was mentioned in class that the most common things people lie about on their online dating profiles are their age and marital status . . . well, as this article warns, about 1/3 of all people on these dating service sites are in fact married. That is a huge chunk, right?? Hmmm.

Class Registration

Crazy Enough mentioned in class how new media technology helps with class registration.

As a social sciences person, a non-lab science class to fulfill my area requirement is a godsend. I was extremely disappointed in finding that this geology class was filling up extremely quickly...and I know I wasn't the only one. However, thanks to email and, everyone quickly found out that a new section of this class has opened up! Making life much easier. Yes.

I feel...


Somewhat empty. There is no reading for class... PRESENTATIONS ARE TODAY!!! What does this mean? Well, it means many things, for one, it means that it's almost over--the class. For two, it means that I have to come up with some very interesting sentences to present my project to the class. Thirdly-- I was going to use "for three" but it just sounded weird-- I have to write a blog post in order to fulfill at least one of the remaining class requirements, and all I could come up for as a theme is a ramble coming from nowhere, or maybe it's coming from the band that I am currently listening to. Okay...

A Star wars gun ate my computer . . . and now I have a crappy new one

Ok, I didn't know who else would appreciate this, (or maybe I just need to complain) but my computer died tonight. The craziest part was that it sounded like there were sound effects from Star Wars coming from inside it as it died . . . actually, it sounded exactly like this. No, I am not making this up . . . it was so loud that everyone in the library shot me angry "quit disturbing the peace" looks.

It was hilarious to hear a computer make that sort of noise, even though it meant I had to spend a good chunk of time trying to deal with the horrible issue of having a dead computer the week before everything is due. Of course it's the week before everything is due.

Two can play that game


Crazy Enough, I believe it is time for you to check your wiki...

When the Wiki became not quite a wiki


Professor F mentioned in passing today that when someone tweaks a new media technology to use for a different purpose it revolutionizes that medium in some way. Well, wikipedia received that kind of tweak during the VT shooting. While it stayed true to its roots (no one posted original material) it became the spot to get up to date information on what was happening at VT. The article pertaining to the shooting had over 2,000 editors working on it and over 140 footnotes. It received, on average, 4 hits a second for the three days following the shootings. Imagine a newspaper with over 2,00 editors being updated constantly. Off course, because nothing is original material, the newspaper would not be quite as up to date as the newspaper the editors got the info from, but it differently consolidates all the information into one, easy to find place.

Media Addiction

Check out this blog post. Media addiction, eh? I think that's what I have. I'm wondering what the rehab possibilities will be for this. Maybe some sort of 30-day sensory deprivation? Another issue it raises is what kinds of media one can and should be addicted to. If I give up watching TV and stop reading blog posts, will I just replace that with reading actual books or something?

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