does anyone here use "skype"?


Has anybody here heard of the software Skype or does anybody in fact use it?

...I was hanging out in my friend's room the other day, when suddenly she told me that she needed to "Skype" her boss. Obviously, I was startled and quite confused...Apparently it is a recent form of communication that was first introduced back in 2003. It can be used to contact any number worldwide, at a cheaper cost, and from your computer. It also offers video-chat, for "Skype to Skype" users. This program appears to resemble the Macintosh "IChat" program, only with additional features, such as being able to contact a wider variety of people.

Dance Dance Revolution in gym classes

For some reason, I keep coming back to the idea of New Media improving education because I think I am probably going to end up in education (in some capacity or another) so these ideas really appeal to me . . . I saw this article on how DDR is storming P.E. classes on the Times front page this morning. Cool! I think I probably would have loved to play a danced-based video game in P.E. instead of doing all of those things like volleyball, dodge ball, bowling, basketball, t-ball, soccer, etc.

However, one of the quotes irked me a bit/ got me thinking about the future of our country . . . "What you're seeing is a move toward activities where you don't need to be so great at catching and throwing and things like that, so we can appeal to a wider range of kids." Is this a good idea? Are we going to totally breed out the culture of team sports and replace it with video-based simulacrum? I don't really know how I feel about that. It was sort of sad to read the quote from one P.E. teacher about how the kids scream in glee over DDR--but they never had that sort of excited reaction to basketball.

my blogging/wiki experience


For starters I definitely agree with most of the people in our class in that having to blog, edit the wiki, and do our final presentations/projects (not to mention class reading) has been a lot. I still think it was overall a good experience though, I only wish we had had more time to dedicate to one project as opposed to trying desperately to get *something* posted on the blog & wiki.

What surprised me the most was that once I got the hang of the wiki, I was much more interested in editing and reading it than the blog. It's funny because I've been a very enthusiastic blogger over at LiveJournal for four and a half years now, updating an average of three or four times a week. I've never had any real trouble thinking of things to post over at my personal journal, it's pretty compulsive. On the other hand, I found it in general to be extremely difficult to come up with things to post in this class blog of ours. Maybe it's because I'm not used to blogging about academic topics? Or that I prefer to have discussions about class material that are engaging and can evolve than posting something flat?

final project ramblings

First of all, I wanted to say how much I've been enjoying the final presentations we've seen so far. Really interesting stuff! I also think it would be super cool if those of you whose projects are available online would post links so we can check 'em out. (Or if you already have, could you shoot me the link anyway? I might've missed it.)

I finally got my own video project online last night, and I'm looking forward to presenting it on Wednesday. It took me a whole month to complete but I'm really happy with the finished product! I'm also happy that it's already being well-received in the online world, with 115 views and 15 comments in the first 12 hours it's been up.

flickr, anyone?

I don't use Flickr, but maybe some of you do, and would like to incorporate this cool feature . . . I saw the PictoBrowser which is a really sleek and chic way to display your photos (it gives you a cool browsing bar of your photos in thumbnail size at the bottom of the screen). Check it out!

All you have to do is click the 'Info' link on the bottom right part of the page, and that will direct you to instructions on how to get it on your Flickr page. Have fun!!

what do you prefer?

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mac vs. pc

In response to the post below that mentions SpyBots, I thought I should bring up the issue of Mac vs. PC. I think it would be interesting to take a poll to see who's a Mac lover and who adores their PC (well ok, maybe you won't fall into these categories, but we'll see . . .)

I realized how big the divide between Mac and PC is when my friend returned from IT'S the other night (after her PC was malfunctioning) and they told her she had 300 SpyBots on it. I reacted in a shocked way, (because she was flabbergasted) but quite honestly, I have no clue whatsoever what a SpyBots is. Additionally, I think I made a fool of myself the other day in class when I didn't even know how to eject my thumb drive from the classroom PC after I presented. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm a Mac girl, through and through (even after mine died the other night).

stop the bad guys

Everyone has to deal with spam and other online nuisances, but with the advent of Ad-Aware and SpyBot adware and spyware are not nearly the problem they were, say, ten to fifteen years ago. This new bill attempts to standardize the penalties of adware, spywae, spambots, and other forms of annoying, malicious software spread by certain people and web pages. I can remember back when my family first got computers we would always have a millions pop-ups all the time because of all the spyware, but it seems to have been more or less neutralized over the past decade to the point where I don't even think about it anymore.

new media business according to

I just saw this interesting article on about some thoughts and myths of starting up an internet-based company . . . it ties in a lot of things we've talked about in class (or wanted to talk about, like the economics of new media, for example). One of the myths addresses viral spread, which was just mentioned the other day in Bumpkin's presentation, and I think it's interested to read about the corporate view of such a mechanism of spreading word about new sites and companies.

Cool Website...

You guys should check out Netvibes. It's this cool website that basically, as the article that first pointed me in its direction said, "fits the whole Internet onto one page." It really does! A lot of other sites like Yahoo or Google that manage to cram a lot in, but you really only have access to sites that are owned by the respective parent companies. Netvibes, on the other hand, lets you add a button/window thing for pretty much anything you want. It's almost too much to handle; that's why I haven't made it my homepage (yet...) Anyway, let me know what

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