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Is the beginning of the film Apocalypse Now, a montage??? I don't remember, and I want to say that it is, but I don't remember... Hmm...


Twitter Nation: Nobody cares what you're doing


Twitter Nation: Nobody cares what you're doing
Then again, if you don't get it, that must mean you're totally too old

HAHAHAHAHA I love the title of the article so much I didn't bother to read it.

"Or blame Paris Hilton. She's always good in a pinch. Twitter, then, is the latest evidence of the Paris Hiltoning of America. Twitter is always on, always looked at, and at a 140 character limit, doesn't have the capacity to be either deep or meaningful.

Oh well. Who gets hurt?"


Wiki Madness


I was rummaging around the wiki last night when a realization dawned on me: The thing, in my opinion, that makes our wiki interesting is how our opinions inform the entries. The coolest pages on the wiki are ones like the Apple page - where it's basically a list of different people in the classes' views on Macs. Also, the Arrested Development is a good example - it contains nothing whatsoever about the show itself, but it is still a good read. And does it matter that it doesn't list the show's info? We have the real Wikipedia for that. I like the concept of our wiki being a sort of OpinionWiki, an amalgam of an entire classes' views on the things that touch their lives.

links to my final project (vidding)


Great job to everyone on presentations! I thought they were awesome. I'd still be really interested in exploring everyone's work more, so it'd be cool if you could please post a link here if your project is available online.

Here are links to my own project, which was about fanvidding:

view the video here (also includes info and notes)

here is my critical appendix, which greatly expands on the things I talked about during my presentation and includes relevant links

Portrait of a blogger as an empowered learner

When this class began and I realized I would be forced to become a "blogger," I never thought I would actually enjoy posting or reading other people's posts and comments. Good god, no. In fact, the idea of blogging was something that was on the equivalent scary level of getting shots, swallowing horse-sized vitamins, etc. It was an unknown that freaked me out. The wiki freaked me out even more. I wasn't quite sure how to get into it--there was no entry point that really clicked with me right off the bat. There was no entry point that made sense to me in terms of my more "traditional" educational structure.



A new company headed by the Kazaa and Skype guys is going to launch officially in the next few days apparently. It's called JOOST and it's an IPTV service which means it is TV online essentially.

Interestingly enough, there is word that this service will be more than just TV. AND, in an effort to socialize IPTV and make it active in some sense, JOOST is experimenting with a feature to have live chats with those who tend to watch similar content.

It'd be an odd thing to talk to someone about a show right after or before watching it. We spoke in class before about how TV might just be a passive thing forever because that's how we like it. However, JOOST creators seem to have different ideas for web based broadcasts.

free wi-fi, eventually

I thought this article from the Wall Street Journal was interesting. It talks about a couple of different approaches to spreading Wi-Fi out for free. Some cities and communities, such as San Francisco, are trying to offer Wi-Fi for free to everyone. Other companies, such as Time Warner Cable, are trying to create a social network of Wi-Fi users to profit off of. The writer of the article does not give a clear answer to which technology will work best, he just says some combination of them will definately give everyone wireless access in the coming years.

HD DVD crack

As you guys may or may not know, Digg had a prominent article this morning that revealed a hack of HD-DVD players that allowed people to take the film off of the cd. At this point in time, every article on the digg main page has to do with the hack, except from a different angle. Apparently, Diggs coverage of the hack ticked off some important people in the copyright business. Now digg is reporting that they have to remove every entry that eludes to the hack. I thought it was pretty awesome that the articles on digg mustered over 10,000 diggs, which means that the hack must have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people (I am just making up numbers, but I bet they are reasonably close.).



So there I was, minding my own business, flipping through Diana Hacker's 5th edition of Rules for Writers because it's that time of year -- the only time of year that warrants dusting off this book. (Who made Diana Hacker the authority on writing, by the way?) Flipping through types of citations...Article from a magazine...Article in an online periodical...email...posting to a MUD or a MOO. Wait, seriously? It explains what MUDs and MOOs are and how to cite information obtained from one. No joke. This edition's copyright is 2004, by the way.

it was a great run

I came into this class thinking I would learn about new forms of video editing and modern art, but on the first day I had a radical paradigm shift. As I learned, New Media has very little to do with traditional media or artwork. The first assignment, as we all know, was to write a blog post on something, anything. I, being the constant cynic, blogged about the uselessness of blogging. I could not wrap my mind around the idea that people could blog for fun; it felt disconnecting and meaningless. However, my prejudices were quickly swayed as I dove head first into the blogosphere. While I still don't consider myself an avid blogger (I only blog for the class), I have come to understand what is so special about blogging, it is, in fact, the community. I still can't quite understand why people would create their own blog that nobody reads, but knowing that our blog leads to a discussion amongst peers and friends seems extremely pertinent and important. Much like facebook, I live in the community I comment about and that's where I derive the drive to post and connect with others.

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