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Best Line Ever


"If you wish to know why they awoke sickened with horror, consult your Oxford English Dictionary under 'vetch' and draw your own conclusions"
- Raymond Queneau, Yours for the Telling

What a great freakin line in a story!

This "short story type thing" brought me back to Goosebumps, those scary stories I read in 3rd grade that you could pick how you wanted the story to go. They were longer than Queneau, and not really that good, but had the same premise.

I was actually thinking about this while I was falling asleep, there are an infinite many futures in front of us, we simply choose which one to live.

Blogs = The New Editorial?


I'm taking another class called "Journalism in America" and we have been looking at newspapers during the colonial period. Most of those papers were supported by political parties, so the editorials were usually written to bolster the popularity of their affiliated party and/or lash out at editors from the other party. The latter involved very very harsh critiques.

As I mentioned in my first post, I am a sports nut and read sports blogs. I have started seeing a recent trend in the NBA in which players would avoid media questioning by referring to their blogs. Sometimes, the actual reporter questions would be about the athlete's blog.

My fascination with the addiction


I have spending way too much time on YouTube the last two days. Well I wouldn't classify myself as an addict quite yet, however, if it was winter or spring break I might be an addict by the end of the week. I don't really understand why, most of the stuff is crappy, but I set out on an adventure to figure out why I have been wasting the time away the past couple of days.

My hypothesis is as follows: the total randomness and uselessness of everything YouTube provides us with an escape, the ability laugh , cry, and just not care about anything else.

I have been in the research "zone", if you will, for the last 30-40 mins and have emerged an expert ;) on the field of addiction and YouTube. Of course, no "legitimate" article is written on this subject, however many bloggers are keenly aware of their new forming addiction. Here is my best shot at reproducing my "research" for you:

some notes

Here are a few bits of important information. I'm going to keep this post up at the top of things for a few days, until I'm sure everyone's had a chance to see it.

Urban Wiki?

So as I was surfing the net, as the young kids call it, when I came across an interesting website. It reminded me of Wikipedia, and I had to reference it. Urban Dictionary This is website totally dedicated to slang and some of the most disgusting or inane words you will ever read. It also has some interesting stuff, but the whole premise is that people submit their own words (slang mostly) and definitions of them. Then other people give thumbs up or down on whether or not they agree or like the definition. I think you should all check it out.

New Media for News...

So this is a little morbid, but the recent demise of Anna Nicole is a really good case study, I think, to show the effectiveness of blogs as a source of news. Within moments of her death, the news had already reached the blogosphere, and there have been consistent and constant updates since. In a matter of hours we have headlines going from "Anna Nicole Rushed To The Hospital" to "Anna Nicole Smith Likely Dead" to "It's Official: Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead" to ones questioning what will happen to her daughter to ones asking about whether she overdosed. There's even footage leaked of her being taken in a stretcher to the hostpital (I'm not going to link to it...).

new media and the political process

This article found online was on the front page of The New York Times on Feb. 9 discussing Democratic presidential contender John Edwards' controversy with the two people running his campaign blog. He decided to keep his staff, but it was either keeping the women and facing criticism from conservatives who disproved of the vulgarity in their blogging past, or firing the women and facing criticism from the internet world.



During class today, the issue of symbiosis was one of the first one's raised. The thought of a computer as a living thing was in debate, and then the idea that we need it and likewise, it needs us. All this discussion made me think about Y2K. Hey, don't ask why, it just did! ! I barely remember my crazy Aunt Amanda (and I'm sure we all have one) was stuffing food and supplies in her cupboard. No one ever really explained to me what the danger was. I am sure that a lot of people did not know what the real danger was. This made me think about something smaller, like when you're computer is acting funny, and you have no idea why. You feel helpless almost because you don't understand. Y2K was the same way only a bigger problem.

"Whatever it is... you can get it on ebay"

GreenPost-it's post about the Wiki t-shirt really interested me. I know we're mostly focusing on blogs and wikipedia but eBay is another huge contributor to online connection and communication. It's like a gigantic online garage sale. I actually attended "eBay University" where I learned how to sell my Seinfeld Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs and have bought numerous things. Like other websites, eBay can introduce you to things you weren't aware of and it makes things more accessible. EBay also changes our market; now stores look online to adjust prices and have even more competitors.

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