Who's being banned?

We were discussing in class today how in the past users or certain sites/programs were banned due to limitations on bandwith and how that focus has now shifted to copyright infringement and illegal downloading.

This article made me think of how maybe in the future, energy consumption may be the center of that argument - limitations may be made based off of CO2 emissions caused by users?

wiki update


A quick update on the wiki: as requested, file uploads have been turned on, so you can now upload and link to images. I've also given you guys permission to delete pages -- please use this power wisely, however. It would be best only to delete pages that you've created. Also make sure you check to see what pages link to the page you're about to delete (using the "what links here" link in the tools menu), and make sure that no one else is relying on that page continuing to exist...

virtual barrios


I saw in today's reading a lot of what we've been talking about so far; problems of big business re-asserting itself online from the perspective of the wide eyed and optimistic internet community member, and then problems of equal access limiting the internet's ability to offer representation to the entire world community. I suppose in a way these are linked issues, since money is still very much power in our society. Thus marginalized groups tend thus not to have much of it, and a re-assertion of the current economic system of distributing power would put ethnic or social groups who are already kind of disenfranchised. It's interesting that Rheingold ends by saying he's been "colonized" by his virtual communications; that's sort of a loaded word in the kind of things we read and I don't entirely see how it fits, except just meaning that the separation between real and virtual life isn't so drastic.

More on Darfur

So to add on to our discussions on google earth/maps and Darfur I've got a link to an article about Google's attempt to publicize the genocide in Darfur by featuring images of destroyed villages and farms etc, Google in Darfur.

I know the first thing we think of when we talk about satellite imaging systems is that these things can be used for "EVIL". I'd still agree with that sentiment, however is it not good that the word on Darfur can be spread through powerful images?

Still, I don't think we can be too quick to say that Google knows what it's playing with.

web 2.0: problems

The line about the language of the internet from the reading "The Virtual Barrio" struck me as odd. He seemed to take issue to the fact that all of the "computer literate" people, and the web as a whole, only spoke English. I don't see that as a problem being that all of the major websites I use (Google, Amazon, Digg, Espn) are run by huge American corporations appealing to English speaking customers. (Digg doesn't fall into that category, but is run by English speaking individuals) English is the language of web 2.0 simply because those innovating either speak English, or want the English market. I bet just as much stuff that happens in the .com world is also happening in the Japaneses and Chinese version of .com. The fact that Spanish, or spanglish, is not a major factor in web related content is that the people doing business don't speak Spanish. Gomez seems to appreciate capitalism in "clothing and video games", but doesn't seem to grasp that capitalism is what powers 75% of the internet's growth. The de facto language of the internet, English, came about because English speakers brought it to the forefront of society. I don't think you can take issue to the fact that Bill Gates and the Google guys happen to speak English; they were just smarter than everyone else in the entire world and everything went from there.

programming help

Does anyone have any experience compiling programs? I'm might need to compile a plugin for a program on my mac and I'm kinda not so up on programming and whatnot.. is there anyone who might be able to help me do this?



So, yesterday during class, when Professor Fitzpatrick was showing us some of the pages already created on the Wiki, I saw that there was this "Jim Morrison" page, and this "The Doors" page, and being that I am a music obsessed, I was wondering how others were going to link musicians to their pages.

Is anyone going to create a list of the musicians that he/she likes in his/her page? And then link to another page describing the musicians? Should there be a page just for music, and from there different genres? I've no clue. Because, I was thinking on figuring out a less boring way in which I could possibly make this work other than just a list of musicians.


I saw this and thought it was a really cool way of democratizing the Internet and empowering its users to post their own content. Fotolog.book is a printed book of 1,000 of the best images selected from online journals. ("Best" according to Andrew Long, a former photo reviewer and editor of The New Yorker.)

This book really speaks to an idea we discussed in the beginning of class: newer media forms seeping into older forms (in this case, blogs and online journals bleeding into books). I think this aspect of vision--as seen by the "everyday" person of the world, as opposed to planned out shots taken by news crews and professional photographers--is a great way to infuse people with excitement for posting their stuff on the web. Awesome! What a cool collection of photos taken from online users who communicate through photographic images. Check it out.

Bubble Guru


Check out this new media technology: BubbleGuru, which is a website that--if you sign up by May 1st, it's free--allows you to make video blurbs that you can then embed into emails or your website, and they don't take up any more space on your website. Hmmm. What do you guys think?

If nothing else, I think the name, BubbleGuru, is really cool!

I feel like this is a really good example of how the Critical Art Ensemble's 'sight machine' still controls a lot of our motivations. We like to see what's going on, who is talking to us, and what the face behind the voice we're hearing online looks like.

funny iphone video

I got a kick out of this iphone skit on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Enjoy!

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