The World of Blogs and Blogging

First off, I have been completely unaware of how significant blogging can be for members in our society. After reading the two articles, especially "You've Got Blog," it occurred to me what a large role blogging plays in many lives. I further developed my understanding of this phenomenon as I read the passage that states, "Getting blogged by Kottke, or by Meg Hourihan or one of her colleagues at Pyra, is the blog equivalent of having your book featured on "Oprah": it generally means a substantial boost in traffic enough, perhaps, to earn the blog a mention on, which has functioned as a blog best-seller list." From this it became apparent to me that blogging is not only another technological advancement in our world of communication, but an outlet for everyday people to offer personal insight into particular concepts.

Intro to New Media? My Intro to Blogging


After reading Rebecca Mead's "You've Got Blog" article, blogs seem to come off as a better idea than I thought. I honestly never read blogs, and as naïve as it sounds, I thought they were only open details and rants concerning people's lives (LiveJournal or Xanga) or their random thoughts on the world.

I guess that's partially true. But when Mead's article said how Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan bring in interesting links and its commentary, I began reading their blogs--maybe there are some out there that can be less wasteful of my time after all. Their links have actually given me ideas to forming my own opinions and actions. It hit me that discrimination might play a role in ethnic restaurants hiring people of the same ethnicity. Donating a water buffalo to a family in Asia actually sounds like a good idea. And I found out how it's possible to lose 9 lbs. from playing WiiNintendo! These are from sites found by Jason and Meg. (read more)

Why Do People Blog?


I don't really understand why people blog and what exactly I am suppose to get out of it. I know a lot of people do it, but that fact alone doesn't provide a reason for blogging. Hopefully, by the end of the semester I will understand better why people blog and why others read them. For example, does any one need to see this and who has time to find this. While both sites are amusing I have only begun to understand the appeal of blogging to bloggers.

"Generally speaking, these postings are fascinating, since they often have serious elements of Hyde Park corner blather, besides blatant exhibitionism and obvious self-indulgence. And whatever you think of them, you'll admit that they are much more interesting
than the static vanity site from years ago."

Getting Started


This post is a test. It's really, honestly, only a test. If this were a real post, it might, for instance, contain a link to something useful and/or bizarre. In the event of a real post, you'll be given more information, as well, of the analytical sort, attempting to create context for or otherwise explicate that link.

This has been a test of the class blogging system. Thank you for your attention.

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