text messaging . . . could it have helped VA Tech


I saw this article, "Could cell text alert have helped at VA Tech?" and thought it interesting that it wove together both topics we talked about in class the other day.

I do have to agree with schools like Penn State (which has issued about 20 emergency text alerts since last August, for things like power outages, snow storm warnings, and hazardous material spills) that texting college kids is THE best way to get warn of a crisis.

I think this is a good idea, but ONLY if texts sent from the school were only about legitimate, serious emergencies. What do you guys think?

"now, before the mold is set, is the time for experimentation"

A long time ago at a college far, far away, I was an Archaeology/ Art History double major. Now that's a huge jump--if not the polar opposite--to make from Archaeology to Media Studies. But after reading David Silver's "Where is Internet Studies?" I see why it is a logical jump, and why the study of New and Digital Media is an exciting thing.

Silver describes how cyberculture studies are interdisciplinary . . . well, archaeology is too. If you want to understand the impact of Facebook, you must examine the social, economic, psychological, cultural, etc. impact such a phenomenon makes. Similarly, if you dig up a 2,500 year old Etruscan pot shard, you need to keep all of these things in mind when determining the role of that pot in society. However, the crucial difference--Facebook users are alive and well. Ancient Etruscans, not so much. In this living, ever-evolving discipline of New Media and Internet Studies, we can find our final frontier.

Rut... Javascript... Browser... Resize...


Okay... So after a day of wondering why I can't access my blog, I still don't know why I couldn't, but whatever, I opened the browser, typed in the address, and KAZAM! I could access my blog once more... Weird, I know, but THIS is not the moral of the story, let me tell you... hahahahahahaha. the tone of this entry is hilarious... okay...

I've been working on my project, yes, I know, WE all have, but I am stuck in a rut, the rut is that of the unknown code to change the size of a window browser... meh... IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE who knows how to do this??? I know it's something more than html, in the realm of javascript, which I don't know, at all... At all... Okay, I was just wondering. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our readings from the PEW Internet and American Life Project are fairly relevant to the sort of thing I'm attempting to explore in my term project. I was wondering if there were any similar surveys done on people from our age group. While I'm still looking into that, I've also made up a simple survey based off of the one used in 'The Strength of Internet Ties.'

Please try to get this out to people via email/notices?
It's only got 10 questions. We have a variety of students from most of the 5 colleges in our class so I'm hoping I'll get a spread of data.

Here's the link:

new media and relationships

Today's class discussion has been one of my favorites thus far. I really enjoyed spending time discussing topics and issues that I can fully relate to in my everyday style of life -- therefore I want to further discuss some of the things I began thinking about right here on our class blog--

As we discussed the significance of worldwide forms of communication, such as the existence of Facebook, Instant Messenger, and Cellular Text Messaging, I started to think about the affects these technologies have had on myself, and my relating to others. When touching upon the reading, the very significant point that "virtual technology can be so distancing from the real world that we don't make connections in the same way anymore." I thought about the relationship I had with a former boyfriend of mine, and one of the most disturbing, as well as fascinating realizations I had after we broke up: our relationship was based on technology, and the societal development of new media was responsible for the reduction of romance and dating.

google earth thinks we go to 'pamona'


So I noticed a HUGE mistake on Google-Earth . . . they've spelled 'Pomona' College Pamona. Hmmm. (Type in an on-campus address and then zoom in to see the mistake for yourself).

How do I contact them to let someone know they are sorely mistaken?? Interesting. I thought they would have gotten that one right.

Virtual Reality at VT

Apparently some crazy lawyer guy wanted to create a link between virtual reality shooting games and the Virgina Tech shooting that happened today. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that people have a very easy time telling the difference between video games and reality, and that there is little to no correlation between violent video games and violence in reality. But, it's interesting to see technophobia out there blasting away video games.

On a different note, I heard about the shooting through Digg, not some major source, like the nytimes. The death toll is actually being updated more quickly on digg than it has been on the nytimes. People with a lot of spare time on their hands can make things happen quickly.

I need a partner!


Yeah, so, we're exchanging rough drafts on Wednesday with a partner. And I don't have a partner. Who out there still needs one?

Facebook status updates

I still don't get it. I can understand blogging when it is a way to share information, or collaborate on project, but straight up blogging about yourself still doesn't work for me. My first post on this blog asked why anyone would blog, and now I want to refine my question to just cover personal blogs.

Facebook is the most apparent, and readily available, example of personal blogs. The one that I want to focus on is the status notes. WHO CARES???? The best notes are the ones that say stupid funny stuff that don't even relate to the true status of the person. Then there are the notes section, again why do I care? Does anyone read them? Maybe its the moo / mud thing where I simply don't understand whats going on because I can't relate. That being said, I like basically every other aspect of facebook, so this is not attack against social networking sites, just notes and status.

Gender and Social Networking


From the class reading, a survey says that girls are more likely to use social networking sites to reinforce pre-existing friendships while boys use the networks for flirting and making new friends.

While this quantitative data is very informative, I think it has extreme potential for a deeper qualitative study regarding how gender ties into social networking. From a sociological perspective, I would love to see a study regarding how daily interactions influence each gender into using these types of networking devices. Especially for older girls (ages 15-17), could social pressures for females influence their likelihood to use sites like MySpace and Facebook?

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