Facade Nightmare


I am having a terrible time with Facade.

Does anyone know what to do once you open the door? (this took me like 20 minutes alone) I've tried talking to them, but all I've been able to do is grab items, put them down, kiss, hug, and comfort.

Just talk to them, and they'll respond. They respond to your actions too, but speech is the best way. Ask them questions, etc.

I've done all I can to talk to them but it's not working.

They don't respond, or what? Just type in whatever you want to say and press 'return'

Maybe you're having the same problem Heebe Jeebes had: "we're sorry, this computer is probably too slow to run Facade...You may continue, but in most cases the Al will stop responding, or not even answer the front door, if the processor can't keep up."

I have waited for an hour to open the door, and it's still not opening! What is this..? So not worth it..