Blogs as Promotional Tools

This entry doesn't relate specifically to any of the readings or discussions, but I still thought it might be interesting to discuss within the context of our class. I'm wondering what people thik about blogs/new media being used to promote old(er) media... it seems like there's been sort of a mixed track record. For every Snakes on a Plane failure in blog-to-reality translation of profits, there's also something like Cassie, who was a big success based on her relentless myspace promotion. I guess ultimately what I'm wodering is, has new media already been co-opted by old media and big corporations in general? What with the whole Pay Per Post thing, it seems like even the supposed authenticity of bloggers is suspect. I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine recently, where he was talking about how things like YouTube are a way for people to come up with their own media, without interference from the studios and media companies. He used the lonelygirl15 as an example, and I pointed out that she was just a creation by the talent agency CAA. Is it too late for new media? How much longer until it's completely dominated by large corporate entities?

Let me start off by saying I thought that was a great post (what my opinion is worth deserves a whole another discussion, but anyway good job)

I think that blogging, much like any other form of media, will reach a balance between art and advertisement. Stupid movies like Mortal Kombat or The Mummy, while very entertaining in their own right, have no deeper meaning or artistic feel. However, for everyone of those movies made, a Little Miss Sunshine or American Beauty is made (Well maybe not one to one, but you get the idea).

I guess I just believe that if there is money to be made in a particular medium, companies have the right to attack it until there is no more money left to be made. I don't think thats necessarily a bad thing; I think it makes economic sense.

The beauty of blogs, and the internet in general, is self censorship. If you don't want read a blog about Kraft Cheese, then stick with a purest blog like How to Change the World. Companies cannot force any blogger to promote their product; the advertisement only becomes part of the blogosphere by a blogger's free will.

You bring up some intriguing points, allnighter. On the most basic level, the fact that every TV network and printed publication (newspapers and magazines) has its own website is certainly an example of old media using new media for promotion. Sure, CNN makes money from running ads on, but that's not how CNN balances its checkbooks. Websites for old media companies are usually just to win more devoted viewers.

What I find interesting is that many of these news sites have taken to using the blog format within their sites. Actors also use blogs, as have films, to promote their work (and, they would argue, to keep in touch with their fanbase). If it didn't translate into profits, they wouldn't do it. I find that the constant potential for updates sucks people into blogs, turning them into dedicated fans. They check the site more frequently because there might be something new, and if there is, it's right on top and easy for them to find.