A Circle?


"New Media" when it appears is new, a novelty, but as time elapses and as this new media evolves, the process in which it grows mocks the pattern of the old "new media." Does this make sense? What makes this "new media" truly a novelty, if for the most part what is new is just a new version of some old artifact whose name we- as in us regular people- don't even know? Is "new media" simply just a new version of something that already existed somewhere in a different era? But then again, this isn't completely true, there are is some "new media" that is new in its own nature. I am being redundant, but it works for me, I need to rewrite what we've already read to understand the concept to a greater extent than just the surface. These new versions can also been seen in not only the music industry but in the film industry as well. The new renditions of songs, or the new fashions that have emerged from decades past--referring to punk, greasers, etc.--the new remakes of old films. Is it all just a blatant circle? What does the future await for our posterity? Perhaps this late hour is playing with my head, logic and undramatic self.