Intro to New Media? My Intro to Blogging


After reading Rebecca Mead's "You've Got Blog" article, blogs seem to come off as a better idea than I thought. I honestly never read blogs, and as naïve as it sounds, I thought they were only open details and rants concerning people's lives (LiveJournal or Xanga) or their random thoughts on the world.

I guess that's partially true. But when Mead's article said how Jason Kottke and Meg Hourihan bring in interesting links and its commentary, I began reading their blogs…maybe there are some out there that can be less wasteful of my time after all. Their links have actually given me ideas to forming my own opinions and actions. It hit me that discrimination might play a role in ethnic restaurants hiring people of the same ethnicity. Donating a water buffalo to a family in Asia actually sounds like a good idea. And I found out how it's possible to lose 9 lbs. from playing WiiNintendo! These are from sites found by Jason and Meg. (read more)

This is a hilarious blog for news junkies. I already enjoy reading political news. This blog adds entertainment to information on politicians (for non-news-junkies, too!), poking fun in a tone of sarcasm. It's not really informative, though it does add a twist to learning about the politicians we usually hear about in a serious manner.