Blog Lingo

I started to write a comment on BasilikonTron's post about blog lingo, but it turns out I have a post-worth to say . . .

On a media form updated incessantly and perpetually, I'm absolutely sure new blog lingo pops up daily, but for now I found a brief list of lingo. I really liked the "drive-by-blogging" . . . not that I'm an offender or anything. Yet.

Also on this topic, do you guys think generations growing up with blogs in the way ours did on AIM will incorporate blog lingo into their daily speech? (I do.) This phenomenon, of teenagers/bubbly college kids littering their real-life conversations with such exclamations like "omg!" and "lol, lol" speaks to the bleed of one media form into all realms of communication. How long until each media seeps into other ones and literally links together (like a metaphoric blog) to form a cohesive technological and communicative web?

Awesome link! I do agree with you that people who engage themselves in blogging will eventually incorporate common lingos into their everyday blogging language. However, I feel that the growth of this new "dialect" will not expand as rapidly nor as quickly as the language of instant messaging.

Whereas AIM users tend to use "omg" and "lol" to abbreviate comments on practically any phrase/message, it would take much more avid bloggers and avid readers to incorporate the terms due to the seldom need for its use. Rather than individual bloggers themselves, it may be more likely for those in charge of running the site to be the ones who apply the lingo.

The best new lingo can be found by playing MMOs (such as world of warcraft).

While playing over winter break I learned:

zomg (pronounced zooo - omg)
log (i.e. - "I'm gonna have to log my GF is here"

And yes, I bet you guys wish you were as cool I am. ;)