ompah! Final project!


So, since my final project ate my life for a little while (and my blog grade, too; a zero for two straight weeks isn't bad, right?), I thought it deserved its own blog post. It was really nice to go back and sort of re-read some of the stuff from earlier in the year. Since I had focused on hypermedia for both the midterm and the final, I had a chance to look at the material a couple of times, and sort out a few things that had confused me at first. I also got a chance to explore some more hypermedia texts, and while I probably could have done this more extensively, I ended up reading the beginning of another Deleuze and Guattari article that I thought was pretty cool, even if I didn't understand it. I also got very familiar with the game engine in Blender and this video plugin, so if I ever need to use it again, which I have no idea if I will, I'll be able to.

I think I may have stumbled on a really cool way to convey and organize ideas, and I hope I'll think to use it on a screenplay soon or maybe even a paper to help with prewriting. Even if you only dealt with text, it would provide you a way to do something like the trails that Nelson and Bush suggest which is cool, and it gives you a total picture of linkage by default. With images, you could do something really cool I think. It's too bad it doesn't have a really easy web plugin; it could be really really powerful. It's also been very satisfying for me to just play with, and I have discovered a few things you can do in this specific project that I hadn't even predicted. It really excites me that there are ways to interact and arrange within the project that I hadn't even thought of, and I hope people who play with it find their own and are able to make it their own experience.