So now that I am finished with my term project, and concentrating on much better topics (like the wiki) I decided that I would share with you what has helped keep me sane throughout this whole process. On the nights that I did not sleep at all or very well (because I was seeing those y's and n's), I would go to these places to clear my mind for a little while.

I scattered the links i lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I tried to make a found poem like in Cindy's project. And there's some things that correlate to other projects as well.

**If I could fall into the sky
**Unprepared for a life full of lies
and failing relationships
**[I would] Close the doors and take the stairs
**[Unwilling to be]a mark for their marketing plans -- I'm Americancer, a MySpace romancer
**Who is it tonight? -- Doctor Jekyll or Mr. Hyde
**I should be ashamed of this, I'm not
**Boring like his songs
**[Because]from the silence a violence of sirens orchestrate the score
**And a long night , Means a fist fight

ENJOY! ! !