Wiki Madness


I was rummaging around the wiki last night when a realization dawned on me: The thing, in my opinion, that makes our wiki interesting is how our opinions inform the entries. The coolest pages on the wiki are ones like the Apple page - where it's basically a list of different people in the classes' views on Macs. Also, the Arrested Development is a good example - it contains nothing whatsoever about the show itself, but it is still a good read. And does it matter that it doesn't list the show's info? We have the real Wikipedia for that. I like the concept of our wiki being a sort of OpinionWiki, an amalgam of an entire classes' views on the things that touch their lives.
I think that maybe we should all start trying to be more opinionated on there, and speak out about the topics that interest us. Maybe we should get a long entry going on politics? And why haven't any freshmen come forward to add their two cents to this? C'mon guys!
What does everone else think about this?