links to my final project (vidding)


Great job to everyone on presentations! I thought they were awesome. I'd still be really interested in exploring everyone's work more, so it'd be cool if you could please post a link here if your project is available online.

Here are links to my own project, which was about fanvidding:

view the video here (also includes info and notes)

here is my critical appendix, which greatly expands on the things I talked about during my presentation and includes relevant links

Enjoy! And thanks for a great semester, everybody! :)

hey, you should check out my Scarlett Johansson fan video/fake trailer... It's more of a slash thing, really.

Love Is...

It was for a video production class. I keep meaning to re-edit it to fix some of the bad parts, but I've never gotten around to it.

Dude, that was fantastic! Doesn't hurt that they're two of my favorite actresses. :) And since I now know that you've watched BSG and are into slash, here's links to my one other fanvid:

Promiscuous Girl - BSG - Starbuck/Roslin: YouTube link / imeem link

Really good! I liked how you messed around with the speed of the clips, it was very effective. The timing with the winks was great. (Maybe this is a comment I should be leaving on youtube, but whatever)

I'm sure you love watching the show, but having 20 hours of any kind of source footage to edit (and logging it too, which is pretty much what you did) is just insane. Hats off to you! I thought the final product looked great and it seems like it's getting some attention online too, so congrats.