does anyone here use "skype"?


Has anybody here heard of the software Skype or does anybody in fact use it?

...I was hanging out in my friend's room the other day, when suddenly she told me that she needed to "Skype" her boss. Obviously, I was startled and quite confused...Apparently it is a recent form of communication that was first introduced back in 2003. It can be used to contact any number worldwide, at a cheaper cost, and from your computer. It also offers video-chat, for "Skype to Skype" users. This program appears to resemble the Macintosh "IChat" program, only with additional features, such as being able to contact a wider variety of people.

What are everybody's thoughts on this approach to communicating? Personally, I'm not sure that I fully agree with it, unless it is used in a business environment for conference calls during a meeting. I know that when I make phone calls I generally like to be in a private environment, where I can have a one on one conversation - especially when contacting a person of authority. I sat there listening to my friend speak to her boss, and knew that I would never be able to do that myself, as I would feel distracted and put on display...Any thoughts on this??

... but a bit reluctantly. Not because I don't like the technology -- anything that makes something free and easy is okay in my book -- but because I hate the phone in the first place, and Skype at times has enough glitches as to make it more trouble than it's worth. I mostly use it with some folks on the east coast that I'm collaborating with, for conference calls, and there is often 10-15 minutes of dealing with the Skype problem before we can get down to business. On the other hand, what I really hate is the fact that I'm in a conference call in the first place. Perversely, the technology might in fact make me hate it less, because I can think of it as "playing with new software" rather than "talking to people I can't see."

While I personally have never used it, I completely support this technology. My friend's father was offered a buisiness opportunity in Vietnam, where her parents both subsequently moved. This is a prime case for Skype as a key element in communication. Long distance calls are incredibly expensive and sometimes difficult with reception and phone service, so that's why I'm all for Skype because it is free and easy to use. I think it's good that we have a way to keep in touch like this, and that it is a huge improvement in economic matters and convenience.

I have a couple of friends that use Skype to talk to their bfs / gfs that are abroad this semester. We can all thank the late 90's and its over investment in fiber optic technology to the low price of internet based phone communication.

Ask any of my friends, and they will quote me as having said "Skype has got to be the best thing since sliced bread!!"
Admittedly, Skype has it's glitches, but it saves me a BUNDLE in long distance phone calls. Most of my high school friends are scattered around the globe, and I try as much as possible to get them to get the program Skype. It's just more trouble having to save/remember their phone numbers, as opposed to clicking their little green icon and skyping them. We talk endlessly, (sometimes even sing) and because it's free if you're calling between computers, I don't have to feel guilty about each second costing a mint.
The only reason I even buy phone cards now is to call my family. And I would have downloaded Skype for them too, if I didn't think it would probably throw my mother off balance.
However, I do think when it comes to making calls to land lines, you're better off using a phone. Skype has a tendency not to connect you or when it does, not to have a clear connection.