my blogging/wiki experience


For starters I definitely agree with most of the people in our class in that having to blog, edit the wiki, and do our final presentations/projects (not to mention class reading) has been a lot. I still think it was overall a good experience though, I only wish we had had more time to dedicate to one project as opposed to trying desperately to get *something* posted on the blog & wiki.

What surprised me the most was that once I got the hang of the wiki, I was much more interested in editing and reading it than the blog. It's funny because I've been a very enthusiastic blogger over at LiveJournal for four and a half years now, updating an average of three or four times a week. I've never had any real trouble thinking of things to post over at my personal journal, it's pretty compulsive. On the other hand, I found it in general to be extremely difficult to come up with things to post in this class blog of ours. Maybe it's because I'm not used to blogging about academic topics? Or that I prefer to have discussions about class material that are engaging and can evolve than posting something flat?

I was very surprised at the trouble I had with blogging, I was expecting it to be no trouble for me. I also hated feeling so pressured to come up with *something* while at the same time really not wanting to post anything that was lame, short or half-assed. I really ended up feeling like a bit of a lurker on this blog, as I did enjoy reading everyone else's posts.

I was also surprised at how involved I got with the wiki. Unlike blogging, I had never created/edited a wiki before and had always been curious as to what it was like. I've had fun seeing what I have in common with other people and reading everyone's backgrounds. Actually creating pages seems to be more time-consuming than just doing short edits, but I would be totally into it if we had more time. I definitely wish I had gotten into the wiki stuff earlier. Making my own page was one thing, but seeing all the red links is so intimidating! And then having to research info about those subjects to make their pages would also be time-intensive, but I do think I could get really into it given time and circumstance. I've always enjoyed fan-made wikis for TV shows and found them really entertaining and useful (in a geeky sort of way), so I'm definitely not above trivial encyclopedic knowledge. ;)

I amaze myself at how often I can say things in class I later regret . . . I wish I hadn't suggested/ asked KF to reconsider the wiki portion of the ourse. I started doing the wiki "seriously" in the past handful of days, and I have to say it is REALLY a fun thing!! I really enjoy making connections with you guys, and I feel like I know you a lot better because of the wiki. I like how we are able to be fun and funny with it, yet at the same time, there is a ton of information about us and out community as a class and as a group of college kids that I think is perfectly conveyed through the medium of a wiki.

And to respond to the above post, I really am surprised at how the wiki hooked me and really captivates me. I really like it!