I feel...


Somewhat empty. There is no reading for class... PRESENTATIONS ARE TODAY!!! What does this mean? Well, it means many things, for one, it means that it's almost over--the class. For two, it means that I have to come up with some very interesting sentences to present my project to the class. Thirdly-- I was going to use "for three" but it just sounded weird-- I have to write a blog post in order to fulfill at least one of the remaining class requirements, and all I could come up for as a theme is a ramble coming from nowhere, or maybe it's coming from the band that I am currently listening to. Okay... I think that is all I have to type... Later.


Just a link to my presentation so I can find it easily in class today. But your ramble brought it to my mind.

I never quite know what to say/ do at the end of the semester (and can you believe we are almost there?!) . . . I feel like some weird maternal instinct in me wants to bake cookies for you all and share memorable moments from the class. Oh wow, I am a nerd :)

But seriously, I want to take a minute to remark on how this class has impacted me. I feel like I have gotten to flesh out some of my misunderstandings about new media, and learn about how new media are playing a part in our generation (and others too) from all of you guys. I was scared to take such a different class, but in the end I'm really glad I got to hear about you guys, and know you, if only for a brief moment in time. Blah blah blah . . . yes, I do get a bit sentimental about the end of a semester--I always feel sad at the end of a class because I know we will never assemble in quite the same way . . . or will we? (the blog is always here! Haha!)
I guess this blog is the first venue on which I can express to my classmates and prof how this class has molded my viewpoint on many topics, so thanks for a thought-provoking semester. Ok, I'll stop, I feel like any more would certainly cross the line into cheesy camp counselor on the last day of the summer. Yikes.

It's not over till the fat lady sings. (Does anyone know where that actually comes from? Why does it make me think of an opera?)
We still have the wiki!