A Star wars gun ate my computer . . . and now I have a crappy new one

Ok, I didn't know who else would appreciate this, (or maybe I just need to complain) but my computer died tonight. The craziest part was that it sounded like there were sound effects from Star Wars coming from inside it as it died . . . actually, it sounded exactly like this. No, I am not making this up . . . it was so loud that everyone in the library shot me angry "quit disturbing the peace" looks.

It was hilarious to hear a computer make that sort of noise, even though it meant I had to spend a good chunk of time trying to deal with the horrible issue of having a dead computer the week before everything is due. Of course it's the week before everything is due.

I took it to ITS, and they all laughed hysterically and told me they had never herd a computer make that noise. Ever.

I took it to the Apple store in Pasadena, and they laughed some more and said I was F-ed with a capital F. Oh great, I thought, perfect timing.

I ended up shelling out a lot of cash for a new computer. I brought it home, and recently discovered it does not recognize the battery whatsoever, so I have to keep it plugged in at all times, otherwise it shuts down. Amazing.

I think all of my complaining about new media has finally caught up to me. Please don't let me anywhere near your computer, unless you want it too to have some bizarre death/ dumb problem. Consider yourselves warned.

If my computer were to make such noises, I would be impressed. No, not really.

Did you back up your files?

Did anyone in the library laugh?

These are all random questions, sorry. You can totally come near my computer, I'm sick of it, and would want it to die so that I can get a new one... But after finals are over, please. Thank you. hahaha...

"Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That's all it was: just curiosity." -Jim Morrison, 1969.