Media Addiction

Check out this blog post. Media addiction, eh? I think that's what I have. I'm wondering what the rehab possibilities will be for this. Maybe some sort of 30-day sensory deprivation? Another issue it raises is what kinds of media one can and should be addicted to. If I give up watching TV and stop reading blog posts, will I just replace that with reading actual books or something?

Speaking of media addiction, here's a diagnostic test for internet addiction!! I thought I would score as really internet-addicted, but I guess I'm not as bad as I thought (only a 32). Where do you guys fall? Do you feel like internet addiction is growing in younger generations, or does it occur with the same frequency as older ones??

Also, check out the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. I never knew these sorts of addictions (like chat room addiction, compulsive surfing, eBay addiction, and obsessive role play gaming) existed, but I think it makes sense. I check my FaceBook more than i want to admit . . . or more than I count, yikes. I guess this Center offers various services for people and their addictions . . . it looks like there are many books and resources out there for internet-related addictions, so maybe looking at these books answers your question, Allnighter. One thing I thought was kind of funny was how they have a blog on blogspot about being addicted to the internet . . . doesn't that seem a bit contradictory? Or becasue the blog addresses online gaming addiction, it makes sense? Hmmmm.

6. How often do your grades or school work suffer because of the amount of time you spend on-line?

I love how I was taking this test to avoid doing actual work.

My score? 45! Ouch. Maybe I do need to cut back.

Let me start off by saying that I scored a 35 on that on-line test. It seems that the addiction only occurs if going online impedes actions in reality. If you can't stop surfing the web or playing game when you know you should and it effects your grades, or social life, then you score poorly on the test. Someone like me, who is always online, but gets shit done and then watches a yankee game on is not addicted by that little test.

The site that allnighter cites quotes a guy from what the bleep saying "an addiction is something you can't stop". I disagree, an addiction is something you want to stop and can't. I become addicted to cigarettes, or the internet, the minute I want to stop, but find it impossible.

Can you be addicted to reading books?

I remember reading that FB doesn't actually harm one's grades, though I was surprised at that. I think the idea behind this is that it isn't constantly using FB itself, that would cause detriment to your academics. FB is simply a tool people use to procrastinate, and if it weren't this one thing, it would be another.
In a sense maybe the phrase "Facebook addiction" is an oxymoron. One of the symptoms of addiction is usually having whatever you're addicted to sever your connections with having a healthy social life. What facebook does, is reinforce and expand one's social life.
Also, along the same lines, I would say yes, you can be addicted to reading books. I would probably consider that a more serious 'addiction.' I used to get into trouble because I preferred books to people, and reading is by far, a much more anti-social activity than facbook.

In terms of addiction, I think video games are important to consider. It can be definitely sever your social life and has been known to be detrimental to one's health and well-being to the point where people have passed out/died.