Random thought

If I signed on under someone else's alias and posted something, would I be that person?

Just wondering. I was reading the "text message alert" post and it kind of dawned on me when I saw three other people on the site with me. If no one knows your a dog, how do you know its not me on as you???

I've had friends who were on another friend's FB account and went around commenting on photos and things, adding "Hey, it's me on so and so's account."
However, even though the 'voice' of that friend and the person who's account it really was were distinctively different, it was difficult for me to associate the comments with the actual writer and not with the account owner.
With nothing else but a sense of 'voice' to go on, it's difficult not to just grasp at the obvious.

College students definitely "break into" their friends Facebook accounts on a regular basis, usually to change the profile in the way that most annoys the victim.

Similarly I may or may not have taken the liberty of editing Bumpkin's wiki page. There's no rule against that -- it's the beauty of wikis. Just because you're an expert on your life and I'm not doesn't mean I can't edit it. And now that it's online, it must be true, right?

On a possibly related note, congrats, Bumpkins, you're a space explorer!

That is the second time have been maliciously attacked by an unknown predator. Everything about me, or those I love, could be in jeopardy... I have to watch my back more often...

On another note, people always change my profile on facebook when I am not around because I leave my computer on with the password saved. I recently received this wall post from a friend:

Calli Cenizal wrote
at 7:37pm on April 6th, 2007
so you've finally come out of the closet?