Future of New Media Studies

I'm assuming we all agree that new media has potential to be an extremely large field of study in academia. At this point in our lives, of course, with our class as evidence, computer and internet theory is already being studied from both a humanities and social science perspective.

I just so happened to be looking through the Media Studies section of the Pomona course catalog and was overwhelmed with courses on film, with topics ranging from "Anthropology and Film" to "Modern Cuban Literature and Film," among many other courses that study film through various perspectives. As Professor Fitzpatrick has mentioned in class, there are events that bring together people from all aspects of academia to discuss new media. In visualizing the future of new media studies, I foresee it as following the lines of film culture and film studies. Who knows? Maybe the future of the intercollegiate media studies department at the five colleges will have courses like "History and New Media," "The Internet and Mass Culture," or "Race on the Web." Just how long (or how short) would it take to get to this point?