The recent Blackberry outages are all over the news. The basic point isn't surprising upon reflection, but is certainly too-often forgotten: we RELY on our technology. When I have a paper due in 10 minutes and the school's printer in our dorm isn't working (which is about 50% of the time), what can I do? Someone might answer, "learn from your mistake," but that's far to much to ask of college students. We WILL put off our work, and things WILL go wrong. Computers crash. Files corrupt. Printers spaz out. We are as reliant on the Internet as we are on electricity. When power goes out in NYC, the city grinds to a halt. Imagine what would happen if the country lost Internet access. I guess this just brings us back to the Y2K discussions we had earlier, and sort of justifies the fears.

Back in December, there was an earthquake along the fault line around Taiwan. It disrupted telecommunications around that region, so we had (if you can imagine this...) NO INTERNET for about a week or so. It was annoying and inconvenient to say the least.
There really is nothing like having technology snatched right out of your hands to make you realise how reliant you are upon it. I can't imagine the full extent this occurence could have had on our economy if businsses were in full-swing at the time, instead of being on holiday (because of Christmas and New year)