Facebook Lingo

So after our class on Monday, I started thinking about all the ways that my online "persona" and my offline one connected. I have a few stories. For me, Myspace is where you meet new people on the internet (i.e. the creepos and the guys that always try to hook up), whereas Facebook is where you friend people you have met in person. When someone I don't know friends me on facebook, I get suspicious and immediately reject them because that is something I would expect on Myspace (and also because I do have quite a bit of private info on my Facebook).

I also realized that when I tell people about things that happen on Facebook, I usually use Facebook as a verb. (As do a number of my friends). Instead of saying "he sent me a friend request" I say "he facebook'ed me" or "he friended me". Does anyone else do that. And God forbid someone sends you a message on facebook asking you to lunch or something. Because everyone knows that the Wall is informal, friendly, but the message is "I WANT TO DATE YOU".

I think that it is amazing that I feel that there is some sort of Facebook lingo and etiquette that my friends and I follow, or even feel the need to follow.

And the News Feed is nifty. Did you know you can choose the kind of stalker you want to be. On the home page, at the top right hand corner of the feed there is a preferences link. It allows you to choose which stalking aspect you would like to focus in on more. CREEPPY! !

A message on facebook in no way shape or form means I want to date you!!! Thats gross stereotype (can you stereotype a facebook action?). Asking to someone to lunch of facebook is asking someone to lunch in person, but you are lazy or don't want to risk missing them. Asking someone to lunch in person is I want to date you, and thats only if you want to date them. A friendly lunch is completely possible. Man am I being defensive!

Maybe I use facebook differently, but I don't think that messages are more formal than the wall. Whereas the message feature is just a private little, well, message, the wall is a public forum. I rarely post on walls; when I do it's usually to make an important point or a witty remark. I have this conception that what goes on the wall is something "for the ages" if you will. But then maybe it's just me and my friends who are weird like this - I've definitely noticed that underclassmen, whose college experiences are much more informed by facebook, use the wall a whole lot more. I've managed to accumulate less than 300 posts since I've been using the 'book, while people who have only just gotten on have racked up 1,000 plus posts.

Maybe I'm just a loser?

I definitely think that everyone and their group of friends use facebook in a different way. I do believe that there is facebook manner/etiquette within every group of friends.

And I do agree that underclassmen use facebook much, much more than the upperclassmen. I don't know if we refer to it as the 'book, but I definitely will now.