A blog I can't believe I have never mentioned is Postsecret. It is not only one of the most entertaining blog sites I have visited (due to the brutal honesty), but it is shocking and even disturbing at times. More to the point, Postsecret is a prime example of many of the internet/media concepts we have described, all put together. It is the opportunity for people to embrace anonymity to take the chance to express themselves in ways they are unable to normally/in person. It gives them the chance to reveal secrets and get them off their chest in a way that is both safe (to their identities) and therapeutic.

Furthermore, the site is very popular to viewers who visit not only for the entertainment and shock value, but because often, there are secrets posted that viewers can relate to. I know that many times, I have been both shocked and relieved to read others' secrets that I have in common. It is often both surprising and comforting to feel like "I'm not the only one!" In the end, it is interesting that a website that, on the surface, appears to serve as a guilty pleasure, but in turn, exchanges therapeutic vibes with things we can relate to.

When Bill Clinton spoke about the iPod attack on Hilary the only thing he was angry about was the fact that the person did it anonymously. The site you are referring to is slightly different because they are secrets being revealed, if the secret you are revealing is about another person and that person finds out does it make it any better that no one else knew it was that person? (If anyone could follow that line of thought I would be impressed. I lost myself 3/4 of the way through.) The worst thing about the internet is what people say under anonymity; it just shouldn't be said unless you are ready to take the heat for it.

I think we all understand that it is pretty much a given that people do tend to reveal things online, given the anonymity/lack of face-to-face contat, that they would not otherwise do in person.
I used to think that this was, in a way, cheating. It seemed to be dishonest to your personality in the 'real' world to act in such a way in the virtual world.
Now I think this perception is rapidly shifting because of the increasingly widespread use of the internet. It seems inevitable that this feature - being able to hide behind a screen and screename - of using a computer to communicate, augments our social behavior. It sort of reminds me of the difference in behavior at say, a party, when you keep the lights on, and dim or turn them off. There's a big difference.

Things like postsecret seem to have taken the anonymity provided by the internet and used it in a very positive way.