Our readings from the PEW Internet and American Life Project are fairly relevant to the sort of thing I'm attempting to explore in my term project. I was wondering if there were any similar surveys done on people from our age group. While I'm still looking into that, I've also made up a simple survey based off of the one used in 'The Strength of Internet Ties.'

Please try to get this out to people via email/notices?
It's only got 10 questions. We have a variety of students from most of the 5 colleges in our class so I'm hoping I'll get a spread of data.

Here's the link:


This is a really interesting idea! I am really excited to see you present on your final project :) I feel like, as we mentioned in class, thew PEW studies were already outdated and didn't really apply to our age group . . . like I already said, I'm curious to see how people in our class respond!

this is a good idea...I took the survey and a lot of these questions are things that i always wish i knew - like the average amount of how much people use their internet networking systems and what they use them for. Simple facts that i wonder about yet never really look into for some reason.