Virtual Reality at VT

Apparently some crazy lawyer guy wanted to create a link between virtual reality shooting games and the Virgina Tech shooting that happened today. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that people have a very easy time telling the difference between video games and reality, and that there is little to no correlation between violent video games and violence in reality. But, it's interesting to see technophobia out there blasting away video games.

On a different note, I heard about the shooting through Digg, not some major source, like the nytimes. The death toll is actually being updated more quickly on digg than it has been on the nytimes. People with a lot of spare time on their hands can make things happen quickly.

Bill made a point on this the other day when he came to speak. He basically said that certain blogs delve deeper into subjects than old media forms because people have all day to write one article. Unlike the nyt where a writer might be writing 5 stories at once, a blogger has all day to write his one story. Bill also mentioned the Hilary YouTube ad, which I thought was pretty cool. Even these old timer politic people still are up on the times; well I guess it was his wife.

P.S. - Was it just me, or was that reading on "Losing Community" a scattered brain, stream of consciousness that had no flow, rhyme or reason? If someone could explain it to me I would be thankful.

Interesting that you heard about it through Digg. Google News introduced me to the developing story by forwarding me to some big-name news sources for the information. There are already articles like this one that mention New Media's role in the reporting. You experience on Digg seems to support that idea.

You mention that people are likely to blame video games for this attack. You also say that you're pretty sure you read somewhere that there's no corrolation...sorry to obnoxiously pick apart your words, but the most well-respected show that there IS a corrolation, just not a causal relationship. This supports your final point, however, that video games should not be receiving the blame. More interestingly, I think, was the fact that the Internet landed much of the blame after Columbine. People pointed to how easy it was to find information on how to build pipe bombs and such -- information that the gunmen in Columbine used -- online. That, of course, leads to the normal freedom of information / censorship arguments that we hear time and time again.

You're always right there to point out all of my little miss steps aint ya? You are right it is not "correlation" it is "casual" I was just in a rush and didn't think anyone would notice. Your good, too good...