My experiences with blogs


Reading the homework assigned to us the last night made me think about my own blogging experiences. First of all, I never knew that blogs began from simple weblogs of people finding interesting sites. I assumed it was something more personal, like the MySpace blogs. I have only seen or heard of representations of blogs in which there were of the personal nature. I even have a MySpace blog that I use for the personal and to keep in touch with people that I do not get the chance to talk to all that often. It is almost a way to keep up-to-date with the going-ons of people you can't normally keep up with.

My first experience with a blog was more of a vent session. I ranted about the drama and people I did not really like at my high school. At the moment that I wrote the blog I had no idea that people would actually read it. But it turns out that more people cared than I thought. The minute that I found out that people were upset or glad about the things I wrote, I felt a surge of excitement and felt that I immediately had to write more. Weird, I know!

Here is an example of a personal blog. This blog is very similar to what I wrote in high school. It is also the 6th Most read blog. The total number of Blogs on MySpace is 124,377,999 and I am sure they almost all resemble this one. ENJOY! !

6th popular Myspace blog