Facebook status updates

I still don't get it. I can understand blogging when it is a way to share information, or collaborate on project, but straight up blogging about yourself still doesn't work for me. My first post on this blog asked why anyone would blog, and now I want to refine my question to just cover personal blogs.

Facebook is the most apparent, and readily available, example of personal blogs. The one that I want to focus on is the status notes. WHO CARES???? The best notes are the ones that say stupid funny stuff that don't even relate to the true status of the person. Then there are the notes section, again why do I care? Does anyone read them? Maybe its the moo / mud thing where I simply don't understand whats going on because I can't relate. That being said, I like basically every other aspect of facebook, so this is not attack against social networking sites, just notes and status.

Take a look at my blog for the final project; about two lines into it I realized I shouldn't be writing anything because I had nothing of any value to add to the world.

P.S. - I just read a couple interesting new things about video blogging. First the word "vlogging", followed by this little rant:
"Lance Ulanoff, from PC Magazine, says: "It's a big time waster. People are sucked in. I like to call them iVideots. I'm an iVideot, it's iVideoism."

I love these crazy bastards and their new funny words :)

I don't personally blog--other than this one, of course--but I think people who blog about themselves to express ideas, feelings, emotions, and just to put themselves "out there." I keep a private journal, but I have friends who post some of their inner-most thoughts online . . . I think whether or not blogging about yourself appeals to you is just a matter of your own identity and how you feel comfortable about expressing yourself.

I know this sounds like a simplified and dumb answer, but I feel like people have entirely different mechanisms for expression, and for some, blogging is very natural.

I found this article on the phenomenon of blogging, and although it's a bit dated, from 2002, (but don't worry though, there are no MUDs or MOOs mentioned!) it talks about the social reasons why blogging works for certain people. Hmmm, well, the author puts technical terms on what I mention above, but I think it basically comes down to the need to share. And I think blogging about yourself simply is the intersection between feeling the need to share and curiosity about new technologies and online communities.