So, yesterday during class, when Professor Fitzpatrick was showing us some of the pages already created on the Wiki, I saw that there was this "Jim Morrison" page, and this "The Doors" page, and being that I am a music obsessed, I was wondering how others were going to link musicians to their pages.

Is anyone going to create a list of the musicians that he/she likes in his/her page? And then link to another page describing the musicians? Should there be a page just for music, and from there different genres? I've no clue. Because, I was thinking on figuring out a less boring way in which I could possibly make this work other than just a list of musicians. And, my list of musicians is long, so it seems a little too much... So, just wondering what ye think... Later!

Yeah, I put up the pages for Jim Morrison and the Doors. So far I just have a list of my favorite and LEAST favorite bands on my BenManTheEvil Page. I think a list is sorta boring, but I think it's still very effective since we will be able to link to "band/artist" pages. I'd just suggest that everyone read through everyone else's personal page to see what music they like and to link to it if there are similarities.

I think music is sometimes too hard to categorize into genres. If we stick to single artists and bands I don't think we'll end up with a whole lot of confusion.

Do we need to agree if there are to be certain 'types' of information that everyone needs to put up in order to work? or is it self-selective?

Is anyone having trouble finding connections? Will this wiki only work if we put up a certain amount of information?

Alrighty then. I think that works... The list of music... Yes, individual pages of genres would be too extensive and complicated.

I am guessing it is self-selective for the most part-- referring to stuff added to one's profile. I have seen that some of the sections presented in some profiles are necessary in my profile, and thus added them to mine, but it all depends on what you want to type in, so, um, yeah.

As far as connections being difficult to find, not really. I mean, I will get connected to Jim Morrison and The Doors once I add that list of music I listen to, other than that, I have found at least one or two connections.

I think that it will-the wiki- work if we all look at one another's profiles to see what is being put up, to modify somewhat where one can go to add links and stuff, as well as to see what is not being added and to see what you think should be added.

"Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That's all it was: just curiosity." -Jim Morrison, 1969.