so the lecture that i saw this weekend was the one by Jason Mittell about the modern effects of television. He opened his speech by saying that liberal arts is a designed uselessness and that really struck me as true. If you think about it, we are( or our parents) are paying thousands of dollars a year so we can take courses like the sociology of smuggling, if Buddha made movies, etc etc, classes that arent really preparing us for work after college, but opening our minds to new ideas and concepts that may or may not be useful in later life. Mittell then followed up his statement by talking about how conteporary american television told stories and how a libereal arts perspective helps us understand modern television.

Television has really taken a turn from its diagnosis murder and full house days.
With the introduction of new film techniques like flashbacks, fantasy blurs- things that were only seen in movies at the time- television has taken a tun for the complex. it is now not a simple watching experience, but a change to get lost in the world of the character with mysteries and puzzle pieces to figure out that put us at the start of our own dectective novel. the best example that Mittell gave us was of the lost diagram. i diagram was shown on set of an episode and within the hour of its airing, fans had already atmepted to figure it out. within the next 48 hours it had been ripped apart in the fans search for the next puzzle piece.All over the web

With the internet being the most influential form of new media around( at the moment), things like in depth fan intereaction would not be capable. It has changed the way we watched television, thanks to blogs and wikis and other things that fans do to get closer to their favorite shows. With the internet and television starting to work together- you tube, and other sites allowing fans to watch the shows online, the consumers demand has not decreased, but in creased with more and more "plugging in" online. I wonder if this might make television extinct in 20 years. After all video did kill the radio star......