The new 411, google style.

And check out number 7 on this list of new inventions. A mirror with a computer in it, a SmartMirror. I freggin love this stuff

I just saw 'Stranger Than Fiction' and loved the graphic animation throughout the film . . . this SmartMirror really reminds me of it. Cool!

I would love to be able to listen to music while brushing my teeth, or in the shower, and the SmartMirror seems to fully enable that. One quick thought: is it possible to over-mediate our world?
I feel--even though I really want my own SmartMirror--that perhaps media technology like this that pervades evey act of our day (shaving, putting on makeup, etc.) would further blur the lines between virtual reality and real life. Am I ridicuous to wonder about this?? Hmmm.

I freggin loved that movie. I posted about it before, sooo tight.

Anyway, I don't think the SmartMirror blurs line between virtual reality and reality anymore than a clock does. It just adds convenience to our lives; we know how to dress according to the weather without having to look outside and we can have up to the minute time. Besides, I get bored when I shave, and this would allow me to be productive.

The 411 service is absolutely brilliant -- Google is at it again. Verizon charges an absurd $1.50 for a 411 call these days. Depending on the accuracy of voice recognition software, this could be perfect.

I'm less than impressed by the SmartMirror, though. First of all, why must everyone take two words, squeeze them together while retaining the original capitlization, and slap a trademark on it? I should start calling myself MichaelLarsenâ„¢. I guess it's better than calling it the iMirror.

All grumpiness aside, the SmartMirror doesn't seem that brilliant to me. Maybe the technology of it is revolutionary...I wouldn't know. But the applications? In Mac OS, you can run a mirror widget on your desktop because of the webcam built into the new Macs. And yes, it can be right along side weather, a clock, news stories, etc. In fact, the finish on some laptops is so glossy that the user can practically use his/her computer to shave or put on makeup. Or you could go the iPod way: computer on the front, mirror on the back.

I want to be cooler than everyone else, so I want to look at the weather forecast while I shave. Thats why I want a SmartMirror, which has to be better than the iRack.