Race and Cyberspace


So the readings for today and last class are basically what I am basing my project on. At first, before reading these articles, especially Baileys, I didn't see the need for race primarily because I imagined people passing as a specific race that they really were not. This offends me because, as I will show in my project, a lot of the attributed characteristics to people are based on stereotypes and assumptions. After the discussion and the reading, however, I realized the reason that some people choose to let people know about their race. As a bi-racial female who grew up in Chicago, race has ALWAYS been a part of my life and I would most likely choose to let people know about my race. Coming to Pomona, I have noticed that a lot of the people here do not acknowledge race in the same way that people do in Chicago and it makes me feel as if people are color blind. The consequence to this color blind attitude is that stereotypes can persist and assumptions can continue to be made. I think that race is both external and internal. Like in Bailey's reading, people are constantly being judged based on their outside appearance.. I have rethink the direction of my project.