Once upon a time...


... there was a highschool on a teeny island in the South China Sea. And in this highschool, having a Xanga was an integral part of being in the social loop. If you didn't have one, or didn't check those of others, chances were you wouldn't have a clue what half the conversations in the classroom were about the next day.

I feel like I'm a relatively private sort of person; so the contrast between the anonymity offered by the internet and blogs, that gives one the freedom to post fairly intimate details that one might not share in other environments, and the idea that these details could be pored over by just about any ol' stranger is interesting to me.

Anyhoo, here's a link to a site known as the show by zefrank.
This guy basically makes a video every weekday and this is where you can watch it. I'm not sure there is any real knowledge to be gleaned from watching the show only that when I do, I usually wind up wildly amused. So hopefully you too, will enjoy.


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