The one pager

When I think of a web page I think of links and hypertext. But, why can't I get everything I need one page? At least that is what these crazy cats were thinking when they made one page websites. If it is only one page does it even count as a webpage? Does the "web" imply a link to something else? This seems more like a frontpage.

Thats it, just some more useless information to digest...

I think one page websites can be extremely effective. Some of the ones on that list aren't, but that doesn't mean they can't be. The simplest format of blog is essentially one page, afterall, but not only "counts" as the web, but epitomizes the web.

But blogs are generally lame. Just because I can drive with my feet doesn't make it a good thing to do. Just because I can make a single page website, when a multiple page site would work better, doesn't mean I should a single page site. A single page can act as a multiple page website simply by continuing down forever. But why not just link to another page?

Something completely unrelated - check this site out about the singer Kenna. Scroll the cursor from one corner of the picture to the other. Pretty tight, right?

What came to mind for me when I read 'one pager' was the kind of simple website you see from people who are just starting out with html and do not yet know how to link and create more complex features.
However, those websites off that link are snazzy. I guess it's all down to creativity and presentation. Take a space, even just a small one, and just use it well. Sort of like a clever one-liner isn't it?