Wiki links


A couple of us have posted our personal pages on the class wiki. If the pages are titled as our names, we'll never really find them, so I suggest that we categorize them under the Special Pages > User List > "Your name" page, which gives the page the "User:Crazy Enough" style of title. This way they're all at the same place -- that user list. I basically linked every proper noun and then some on my page, but I haven't yet filled in any of the pages to which it links. Links with the destination page filled in are automatically blue, links with to-be-created destinations are automatically red. I will fill in the pages to which I link later. There's also nothing wrong with editing other people's pages. For example, I mention the word "art" on my page, but I don't link it. If you are an artist so you create a page for "art," feel free to make that word on my page link to it. Make sense?

Is it acceptable to copy some information from Wikipedia (with a link to Wikipedia as a citation)? It's legal according to Wikimedia's copyright license -- that's not my question; I just mean is it within the bounds of our project? For example, I mention and link to the "Grand Canyon." That means we're going to have a Grand Canyon page in our wiki, so why not just copy the key parts from the Wikipedia page on the Grand Canyon rather than rewrite it? After all, the project isn't about expository writing on the National Park system, it's about New Media. Is this fair? It would surely save a lot of time and give us the opportunity to expand our individual webs much further.

I wholeheartdly agree that we should not worry about the content of the random info pages. I'm for like a line or two on each page on why we linked there and then have the rest be very informal info, even right from wikipedia.

On the idea of making our user name the center for our info, the only problem is that when you use the search feature it doesn't check those pages. For example, if I search for crazy it won't bring up your user profile in the search. Having a page named after you can be searched, and we can just use the user list as a guide to find other people if we need them. We could do something like post why we linked to the article on the top with a tag back to our page. Does this seem fesiable?

You're completely right about the problem with using the user page -- searchability is crucial. I've changed mine back.