Idea for the Wiki


After our discussion on Monday, I was thinking about how we could make our wiki actually make sense. I really like the idea of linking up our lives with each other, but I don't really understand how we could also include notes about the class. I was wondering if it would be interesting to connect in the emergence of new technology into our own autobiographical entries. When we were talking about cyborgs today, there were interesting ideas brought up about the cell phone and bluetooth. I started thinking about when I first saw and used a computer, discovered what America Online was and encountered dial-up internet. I still remember some of the feelings I had when I "discovered" and interacted with these new forms of media and technology. I think its also a good idea since there are some people in the class who have had more experience than others in dealing with technology.

So I guess tell me what you think of this as our wiki. It's the same concept of interlinking our lives, but it also looks our first sightings of new technology or media.

I do like this idea. I have posted before regarding screen names and personality, and I would be interested in seeing how the emergence of new technology has shaped how we think and our identities. Each generation has their 'thing,' (e.g. 'make love, not war' for the 60's) and I think the widespread use of the internet is sort of ours.
I only hope my memory is good enough to recall such interactions of new media in my life.