cyborgs, fandom

I've been enjoying all of the cyborg readings, even if I'm still not sure I'm getting all of it. (Our class discussion did help some, though.)

Reading about cyborgs instantly makes me think of my current favorite TV show, Battlestar Galactica, which is based around a war between humanity and the Cylons, their robot creations (which include models that are nearly undetectable from real humans). The idea of humanity, what separates biological humans from their unnatural counterparts, is a big theme of the show.

Today's readings also made me think about online fandom in general, and how being a part of it makes me a cyborg in some sense. I honeslty feel anxious when I am separated from my link to fandom for too long. It's like I'm plugged into this whole collective consciousness in a way (just like the Cylons... yikes!), and I feel like I would pretty much die if I were to be ripped away from it. Internet-based fandom as an entity has definitely become a part of me.

I feel pretty cyborganized now...!