I've no Idea Mates... But it's got to do with MUZAC!


I am not much of a blogger, even if I have over 100 blogs posted on myspace. I have no idea why I just mentioned that, but oh well. I don't read blogs, so I had to search for one that would be amusing for this one blog that I am currently typing out. I don't recall what this blog- which I am currently going to start describing- was really about, but it has some music content. I do recall that-the blog whose link I will be posting soon- has writing pieces about interesting musicians of whom I have never heard, and it also includes bands like Kasabian and artists like Prince. The writers seem to take music seriously and manage to create posts not to the level of a music journalist, but as close as possible in the most colloquial manner. The critical analysis of the music is interesting because of its content of references to well known artists. The blog also manages to have videos or links to actual songs. I tried a link to a song, but it didn't work within ten seconds so I decided to keep on reading the blog instead and closed the page where the song was to appear. So, here is the link to an interesting music blog .

I am out. Have a good night, and a good day tomorrow!
Oh, I must apologize for any vague writing that might appear in this blog. Sorry.

This is not COOL! When I posted my blog it said I posted it on Monday, it is still Sunday 11:22 p.m... hmm... hahahahahahahahaha... There are so many reasons for that, I just wanted to make it obvious... meh...