I guess my term proposal is going to be fairly similar to my mid-term project proposal.

As you can see, Prof. F noted (last batch of comments, bottom of page) that the issues I originally wanted to explore regarding Facebook were too broad to cover in the amount of space we were given for the midterm, so I augmented my focus and only discussed the issue of privacy, free speech and appropriate conduct between students and college administration.
While doing research for the mid-term I came across some really interesting stuff that fit into my original proposal that I would like to explore, so I'm thinking that's what I'll do for my final term project. Also, looking ahead on the syllabus, there appear to be some readings that I feel could be a good basis for analysis for the Facebook issues that I want to explore. This proposal feels a bit like a rough sketch, hopefully as the semester goes on, with more readings to springboard off on, I'll be able to pinpoint more specific areas and points that I want to put in my project.

On the original proposal, a number of you have, via comments, already expressed interest in some aspects of Facebook, so I'll be taking those into account when I put together my final presentation for the class. If there's anything else anyone would like to know/hear about, please let me know.

I learned the other day that "untagging" a photo can be a federal offense, even if doing so comes two months after a break-up. You have probably already had this question addressed to you, but is there ever a socially okay time to untag a photo? Are we not allowed to forget the pictures that were taken? Can you unfriend someone? Can you even deny a friend request? O facebook, what complex questions you raise...

P.S. - I made up two new words - untag and unfriend

"P.S. - I made up two new words - untag and unfriend"

Those aren't the only two. "Friend" as a verb is unique to Facebook idiocy. It should be "befriend," no?

befriend means to be friendly towards someone. "Unfriend" means to stop being facebook friends. I think I got the usage right.

I always thought it was "defriend"

thats legit also

I have actually never heard about it being a federal offense, it's...shocking to say the least.
It brings to mind how offended one of friend's ex-boyfriends got when she 'untagged' (is this on urban dictionary?) his photos. I guess we all have stories like that.
Definitely going to look into it.

I relation to class discussion, I think you should address issues of Facebook and personal complexity. In what ways does Facebook help or limit its users into conveying who they are as people?

In your midterm project, did you address various reasons why people use Facebook (aside from personal networking)? How do issues of identity play into all of this?

as everyone has mentioned in the "untagging" and "de-friending" discussions, you should touch on how seriously some people take facebook, and how personally certain "actions" on the site affect others. discuss why there are people who invest so much time and emotion into sites like these, and how they may or may not even want to. it would also be interesting to contrast the very committed users with those who are indifferent to it, and how each group is perceived. What does it say about people who care deeply about their facebook accounts, as well as those who rarely log in or would never even think of joining the site?