josh spear: show him the money

When reading Ev's colorful quote from "You've Got Blog" about being frustrated about blog evolution (how it's like a kid with great potential but no drive) and the lack of money flow via blogging, I thought of a blogger who's blogging ingenuity (or the ability to dupe others if you look at him cynically) has helped him rake in the cash. Lots of it. Josh Spear, a self-proclaimed 'king of all things cool,' has been blogging his opinion about design, art, books, gadgets,etc. on his blog for the past handful of years - a huge chunk of time considering the short lifespan of blogging thus far, and compounded by the fact that Josh is a mere 22-years old. Somehow Spear has navigated the blogosphere to garner the international attention of hundreds of designers and artists, and thousands of bloggers. What Josh says is cool IS cool . . . he's like the ultimate cabinet of wonders; sifting through life's material goods to promote only the most trendy and cool, Josh, via blogging, has scored a pretty sweet (part-time) job.

Take a step back and imagine if Josh Spear could even exist as an international trend-setter if the blogosphere didn't . . . I don't think he could. But there you have it, blogging has transformed that weird kid in the back of Jounalism 101 into one of the coolest things alive. Hmm, could I be next?? (I'm not holding my breath.)