Lessons on Blogging


What am I suppose to do when I find a really interesting site, but have nothing really to say about it besides: CHECK IT OUT!

This guy, Chris Garrett, has basically the same blog going on that we do. Look at his title: "The business of blogging and the new media".

I wonder if he would come and give a speech/lecture/thing or something... A new media version maybe... Like on Aim... See my train of thought... I doubt you care... Sorry, but this is fun... Will I stop...

Déjà vu! If only his "About" section was more sufficient in explaining his background in new media. It's funny how Garrett notes about the ambiguity in the "blog" definition...just as we had in class.

Bumpkins, I can see you in his place.

You know small the world seems sometimes?
Will we ever think the internet is 'small?'
While watching tv,flipping through channels, you come across the exact same ad, or very similar programs.
I wonder if there any blogs/sites with almost-identical content and design.