Facade... Yes... FUN!


Facade, what a wonderful game! Not only are its graphics very amazingly distracting, but the characters are hilarious. Yes, I am being sarcastic, but not completely. While I played the game three times, if I recall correctly, each time was even more fun than the previous one. The characters didn't like me at all. The first time I was Emily, and then Andrew, and then Steph. I got kicked out for saying random things or for kissing them abruptly. Though I was struggling to get them to talk to me about their relationship, it was interesting to see how condescending Trip really is, and how sad Grace is. Ha! What I did not like, was that the phone never rang when I was over, unlike when it rang many times for one of my fellow peers when she played. The game, well, when I typed something they would just stare into space, and not answer most of the time. It was a really slow game the first time I played. As I became more explicit as to what I was asking, they kept on ignoring me and sighing. It was still fun. I am running out of things to type, so I will jett. But, Facade is extremely addicting, even though its graphics are lacking, and even if sometimes the characters would not answer my questions.

The premise of the game does not seem to fit with my idea of fun. I do not even know if one can call it a game. It does not have a stickiness factor, a reason for me to play: I can't win anything, its slow moving, I don't wanna be stuck in the middle of a bad relationship, it ends abruptly most of the time. I can play it once, maybe twice, but then it gets dull. It needs a little pazza to keep me coming back for more. Thats probably why it is not a mainstream thing, a trend can't catch on if no one stays around.

It's a type of intellectual slash psychological game? Perhaps not so much on the intellectual side, but definitely a psychological game. I mean, you can play around with "people" who are fighting, and you are able to do and say what ever is in your mind, without any true repercussions that will affect who you are. Look at it like a Grand Theft Auto, but more personal, and with not true objective other than figuring out why they are fighting and how to make their marriage better. Yes, it is lame, but at the same time quite interesting to see how far this configuration goes. Ha.

"Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality. I was curious to see what would happen. That's all it was: just curiosity." -Jim Morrison, 1969.

So there...