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funny iphone video

I got a kick out of this iphone skit on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Enjoy!

project proposal: digital war

I am not sure how to do a creative project so I plan on just writing an essay about the effects of the internet in the new world created after the Cold War. Since the internet has become so accessible, it has completely revolutionized the way we interact, especially in combat. No longer does the military force have to out number or out wit the opponent, it has simply become a nuclear arms race that has put diplomacy and warfare at such a distance that an the entire country could be annihilated by pressing a few buttons. The internet has increased to speed of the exchange of information, allowing for leaders to make more prompt and knowledgeable decisions.

wiki we have a problem


How are we going to make a class wiki by seeing all the things we have in common and not make it like facebook? In facebook you can click on pretty much any personal information you list and it will bring up other users who have posted the same items. I like the idea of uniting our class with wiki, but I'm not sure if Wikipedia is the best way to do this.

proposal: tv online

I'm interested in the effect of TV shows being available online at the consumer's discretion. Networks like NBC offers their shows by purchasing through ITunes but not on their website. Instead on NBC's The Office Website you will find supplements such as "webisodes", bloopers, deleted scenes..etc - skits that you might see in a DVD set but not a broadcast. In class we discussed how these extras provide an even bigger fan base to develop online, especially with the development of sites like fanpop for example.

reader beware

Does anyone remember the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine? I remember reading those when I was younger and the poems we read by the Oulipo reminded me of them. They were so awesome because you could choose to navigate your adventure through the book anyway you wanted.

The idea of the author giving the reader more control of direction through the literature is interesting. It seems that in the new digital literature might entice readers by appearing to offer more choice in navigation but really limited the direction and development of the overall story.

"Whatever it is... you can get it on ebay"

GreenPost-it's post about the Wiki t-shirt really interested me. I know we're mostly focusing on blogs and wikipedia but eBay is another huge contributor to online connection and communication. It's like a gigantic online garage sale. I actually attended "eBay University" where I learned how to sell my Seinfeld Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs and have bought numerous things. Like other websites, eBay can introduce you to things you weren't aware of and it makes things more accessible. EBay also changes our market; now stores look online to adjust prices and have even more competitors.

trusting the web

A few years ago I read a New York Times article about the increasing online interactions and their effect on real life or face-to-face interactions. I would have predicted that accesibility of blogging opinions online would create an environment where people would spew any crazy belief that popped into their head and onto a webpage, without really being held accountable for their position. However, it seems that the blogging community has opened up an opportunity for exchange for people to seriously contribute their perspective and be exposed to the ideas and the authentic beliefs of others (people and ideas they might not have been introduced to without blogs). Personally, I am excited about our class wikipedia possibly discovering the interconnectedness of our class. Being a student from an outside school, learning about my classmates through online interactions would make me aware of connections I shared with others in the class that I wouldn't have the chance to learn about in the classroom.

living online


I am not too familiar with blogs... well, with the exception of my past obsession with LiveJournal and of course MySpace. I was under the impression blogs were a place where people could post public rants and detailed accounts of their daily lives in an online diary; however, blogs aren't just used for social networking. In fact they can be used to try and filter through the excessive amount of information provided by the world wide web. I have found blogs to be quite helpful when looking for a quick answer concerning my computer or car, instead of going through the hassle of waiting on the telephone on hold for forever and then speaking to a support representative. Dibbell's article mentioned that after the introduction of search engines, web logs would most likely die off. I found it surprising that they are still going strong today.

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