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So now that I am finished with my term project, and concentrating on much better topics (like the wiki) I decided that I would share with you what has helped keep me sane throughout this whole process. On the nights that I did not sleep at all or very well (because I was seeing those y's and n's), I would go to these places to clear my mind for a little while.

I scattered the links i lyrics to some of my favorite songs. I tried to make a found poem like in Cindy's project. And there's some things that correlate to other projects as well.

**If I could fall into the sky

Facebook Lingo

So after our class on Monday, I started thinking about all the ways that my online "persona" and my offline one connected. I have a few stories. For me, Myspace is where you meet new people on the internet (i.e. the creepos and the guys that always try to hook up), whereas Facebook is where you friend people you have met in person. When someone I don't know friends me on facebook, I get suspicious and immediately reject them because that is something I would expect on Myspace (and also because I do have quite a bit of private info on my Facebook).

I also realized that when I tell people about things that happen on Facebook, I usually use Facebook as a verb. (As do a number of my friends). Instead of saying "he sent me a friend request" I say "he facebook'ed me" or "he friended me". Does anyone else do that. And God forbid someone sends you a message on facebook asking you to lunch or something. Because everyone knows that the Wall is informal, friendly, but the message is "I WANT TO DATE YOU".

Race and Cyberspace


So the readings for today and last class are basically what I am basing my project on. At first, before reading these articles, especially Baileys, I didn't see the need for race primarily because I imagined people passing as a specific race that they really were not. This offends me because, as I will show in my project, a lot of the attributed characteristics to people are based on stereotypes and assumptions. After the discussion and the reading, however, I realized the reason that some people choose to let people know about their race. As a bi-racial female who grew up in Chicago, race has ALWAYS been a part of my life and I would most likely choose to let people know about my race.

Term project proposal - Racial Identity


So my project is going to be centered around the use and function of racial identity. I am going to do the creative project. My project will take the form of a story much like Michael Joyce's "Afternoon" and the little story ("Yours for the Telling" by Raymond Queneau) at the bottom of the pages of the Oulipo chapter. The "creator/reader" will choose certain scenarios and characters (including race and gender) for the story in the same way that "Afternoon" was done. When this happens, the story is meant to continue based on the characters chosen. If the "creator/reader" does not like the story, then they have the option to change it. Instead of a boring old story however, this story will be based on stereotypes about the certain people and races that are chosen. The reader should slowly understand that no matter what situation or character they choose, they will be bombarded with stereotypes.

Idea for the Wiki


After our discussion on Monday, I was thinking about how we could make our wiki actually make sense. I really like the idea of linking up our lives with each other, but I don't really understand how we could also include notes about the class. I was wondering if it would be interesting to connect in the emergence of new technology into our own autobiographical entries. When we were talking about cyborgs today, there were interesting ideas brought up about the cell phone and bluetooth. I started thinking about when I first saw and used a computer, discovered what America Online was and encountered dial-up internet. I still remember some of the feelings I had when I "discovered" and interacted with these new forms of media and technology. I think its also a good idea since there are some people in the class who have had more experience than others in dealing with technology.

Proposal: Urbandictionary as UrbanWiki


I will be discussing the advent of and how it is like the wiki. I will also be discussing how this urban form of the wiki is used and if it's use has as much of an impact on the computer world as wikipedia has. I will also explore how this urban wiki relates to other websites and trends that have to do with the younger generation. I will be using the article "Can Wikipedia Ever Make the Grade?" by Brock Read. Hopefully, I will find another reading to use, but as of right now, I am not sure which one I will use.


So the discussion today in class really made me think about the idea of the web being nothing but hypertext, link after link, and I wondered if there was any website like that actually out there. So first of course, there is the wikipedia entry about hypertext, which in itself has a lot of hypertext. HyperWiki But I also came across what I now consider to be a life saver in many ways. Well more of a clarifier of all this jargon that has been thrown at us. I hope that I am not the only one who is having difficulty getting through these readings because of the extensive amount of computer technology jargon. UGH!

Urban Wiki?

So as I was surfing the net, as the young kids call it, when I came across an interesting website. It reminded me of Wikipedia, and I had to reference it. Urban Dictionary This is website totally dedicated to slang and some of the most disgusting or inane words you will ever read. It also has some interesting stuff, but the whole premise is that people submit their own words (slang mostly) and definitions of them. Then other people give thumbs up or down on whether or not they agree or like the definition. I think you should all check it out.



During class today, the issue of symbiosis was one of the first one's raised. The thought of a computer as a living thing was in debate, and then the idea that we need it and likewise, it needs us. All this discussion made me think about Y2K. Hey, don't ask why, it just did! ! I barely remember my crazy Aunt Amanda (and I'm sure we all have one) was stuffing food and supplies in her cupboard. No one ever really explained to me what the danger was. I am sure that a lot of people did not know what the real danger was. This made me think about something smaller, like when you're computer is acting funny, and you have no idea why. You feel helpless almost because you don't understand. Y2K was the same way only a bigger problem.

My experiences with blogs


Reading the homework assigned to us the last night made me think about my own blogging experiences. First of all, I never knew that blogs began from simple weblogs of people finding interesting sites. I assumed it was something more personal, like the MySpace blogs. I have only seen or heard of representations of blogs in which there were of the personal nature. I even have a MySpace blog that I use for the personal and to keep in touch with people that I do not get the chance to talk to all that often. It is almost a way to keep up-to-date with the going-ons of people you can't normally keep up with.

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