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A montage...


Is the beginning of the film Apocalypse Now, a montage??? I don't remember, and I want to say that it is, but I don't remember... Hmm...


I feel...


Somewhat empty. There is no reading for class... PRESENTATIONS ARE TODAY!!! What does this mean? Well, it means many things, for one, it means that it's almost over--the class. For two, it means that I have to come up with some very interesting sentences to present my project to the class. Thirdly-- I was going to use "for three" but it just sounded weird-- I have to write a blog post in order to fulfill at least one of the remaining class requirements, and all I could come up for as a theme is a ramble coming from nowhere, or maybe it's coming from the band that I am currently listening to. Okay...

Rut... Javascript... Browser... Resize...


Okay... So after a day of wondering why I can't access my blog, I still don't know why I couldn't, but whatever, I opened the browser, typed in the address, and KAZAM! I could access my blog once more... Weird, I know, but THIS is not the moral of the story, let me tell you... hahahahahahaha. the tone of this entry is hilarious... okay...

I've been working on my project, yes, I know, WE all have, but I am stuck in a rut, the rut is that of the unknown code to change the size of a window browser... meh... IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE who knows how to do this??? I know it's something more than html, in the realm of javascript, which I don't know, at all... At all... Okay, I was just wondering. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So, yesterday during class, when Professor Fitzpatrick was showing us some of the pages already created on the Wiki, I saw that there was this "Jim Morrison" page, and this "The Doors" page, and being that I am a music obsessed, I was wondering how others were going to link musicians to their pages.

Is anyone going to create a list of the musicians that he/she likes in his/her page? And then link to another page describing the musicians? Should there be a page just for music, and from there different genres? I've no clue. Because, I was thinking on figuring out a less boring way in which I could possibly make this work other than just a list of musicians.

"Who are you?"

I've no clue who you are, I barely have an inkling of who I am. One thing that I found interesting about the articles is the way that they are defining identity on the internet. If you don't state your race, then your identity is defined as that of a white, middle class man. It makes sense, and it is true, but, it brings once more the question of what identity truly is. I don't know, maybe I'm looking too into this question, but, even in the Warschauer article, it seemed that language, and race were the only factors that defined this particular "identity." Perhaps the other factors that make up identity are of no importance when it comes to the internet, but they should not just be discarded, and seem as less important than what they are.

Hmm... Video Games and our conception of those who play them...


From Turkle's "Video Games and Computer Holding Power" we are presented with a few characters who play video games as a means to relieve stress, or to merge with a world that treats them differently from the every day world. What I hadn't noticed until now, though it is understandable, is that the characters she describes all seem to be under society's norms of being "anti-social." In the case of Jimmy this is so because he is conscious of his slurred speech, but other than them playing video games for their own purposes, Turkle does not try to defend this label with the bad connotation that pops in our minds-- most of our minds, at least-- other than when she describes the reasons for these characters to play video games.

Term Project Proposal, the proposal of poetry

So, since the beginning of my Creative Writing class this semester (Poetry) my professor has insisted, repeated over and over how we don't read enough poets, and how we need to read more poets. He is quite right, and I haven't followed up on this; I don't like reading poetry, honestly, I can write it, and even when I write it, I don't feel it is TRUE poetry. So, as my proposal, I want to do some sort of hypertext tree of poetry. It'll consist of pieces of different poets that don't speak the same language --translations provided-- are from the same country, or lived during the same time frame.



All right. There's a part in the Critical Art Ensemble's piece where they say something along the lines that the more that is seen, adds to the need to find what needs to be controlled and how to control it, in reference to the war machine, flesh machine, and sight machine,I believe. Then there's a pause. A finger is pointed at the brain as being "the" key for this total control of whatever it is that needs to be controlled, which reminded me of that machine created oh-so-long ago that can "read" thoughts. you go and of course this one too.



I found it interesting how art has transformed; from the ability to sense the artist through the medium that he uses, to now the artist not being present his his or her piece of art. What they did not seem to mention is that if the artist is no longer sense through his or her own piece of art, then does this change the meaning of the piece that one as a spectator is looking at? Perhaps this was present, but I did not take notice of it.

William Blake and Baudrillard???


As I read Baudrillard I was confused as to why such references kept on popping from the May 1968 strike in France, and finally I reached the end of that argument. Baudrillard says that the signs that the protesters had drawn, the messages imprinted on those are the true inspirations, and the true media that allows its viewers to see what is going on. In this, he reminds me of William Blake's need to illustrate his books on plates. There's this guy who wrote his major works on plates, he engraved them by hand, and he also painted them, as a means to stimulate all the senses of one, to grasp ones attention as to allow one to see the door of perception.

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