Attendance: Regular attendance is required. You are permitted three absences that should be designated for days that you are ill or for an emergency. If you miss any further classes, you must present me with documentation of illness or emergency. Your final grade will drop two points for each additional undocumented absence. Moreover, chronic late arrivals will not be tolerated; for every three late arrivals, one absence will accrue. Attendance at screenings is also required; if you must miss a screening, it is your responsibility to see the film prior to our next class meeting.
Academic honesty: The Pomona College policy on academic honesty reads, in part:

The College expects students to understand and adhere to basic standards of honesty and academic integrity. These standards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. In projects and assignments prepared independently, students never represent the ideas or the language of others as their own.
  2. Students do not destroy or alter either the work of other students or the educational resources and materials of the College.
  3. Students neither give nor receive assistance in examinations.
  4. Students do not take unfair advantage of their fellow students by representing work completed for one course as original work for another or by deliberately disregarding course rules and regulations.
  5. In laboratory or research projects involving the collection of data, students accurately report data observed and do not alter these data for any reason.

Any violation of these standards will be punished to the full extent allowed by the College. To avoid plagiarism, be scrupulous about properly crediting authors’ ideas and language with appropriate citations. Please see me if you have any questions regarding citation procedures.
Anti-discrimination: The classroom should be an atmosphere of mutual respect in which you will be intellectually stimulated and challenged to grow as a scholar. As such, I expect everyone who participates in the course to abide by the Pomona College anti-discrimination policy.
Late assignments: Work must be turned in on time. Period. Your grade on any late assignment will drop two points for each calendar day your work is late, except in dire, documented circumstances. No extensions will be given, except in the case of such serious, verifiable circumstances. Plan ahead, and get your work in on time. E-mailed assignments will not be accepted, except in special circumstances and by prior arrangement.