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class notes 2

Here are the class notes from today’s discussion.

mass media and society 1

Sturken and Cartwright, “Reproduction and Visual Technologies” (reader)
Benjamin, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”

media and representation 2

Williamson, from Decoding Advertisements (reader)
Stuart Hall: Representation and the Media (in-class video)

class notes 1

Here are the class notes from today’s discussion.

media and representation 1

Brummett, “Rhetoric and Popular Culture” (reader)
Kellner, “Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, and Media Culture”

discussion space

I hope that we’ll use this space for two purposes: to continue discussions that are left incomplete in class, and to begin discussions that you intend to continue as part of your in-class presentations. Any time you’d like me to post a discussion question for you, simply email it to me; to respond to a discussion in progress, click on “comments” below the entry.


How will this class function? Who are the people in it? And — most importantly — why study the media?

first day of class

The first day of class will be Wednesday, January 19.


This will be where I post readings, assignments, and information about the class.
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