Fans’ Creativity vs. The Creators

Reading Convergence Culture I couldn’t help wondering exactly what creators want from their fans of their products…I thought one of the goals of any creator is to produce materials that are thought-provoking. I also thought these products were supposed to create some form of fan creativity. I feel that fans for the most part understand their place and the limitation of their roles. Hence I find it quite confusing that creators are threatened by the fans who indirectly keep them in their industry. Or am I missing something? While a few fans may over step their boundaries as noted with Dino Ignacio’s depiction of Bert interaction with Osama Bin Laden, one cannot help but applaud what Heather was able to achieve through the power of technology (online community) and the spirit of a true fan.

One response to “Fans’ Creativity vs. The Creators

  1. I think that creators and corporate media feel extremely proprietary about their content because if fans transcend the boundaries and directly appropriate materials, where and how does profit factor in for the creators?

    Artists/creators can be as lofty-minded as they wish to be (“it’s all for the art!”), but for producers and networks, if developments don’t directly and immediately translate into money, developments like fan-generated content, are considered”theft”.